About Us


Why home made natural products ?
Eco friendly, sustainable jus like the olden days.

Why make them ?
The why is very compelling and is the main reason, how humbly & progressively  “Natspire” was born today. Paulson my husband and myself made our decision four years back to bring about a change in our life, which eventually led us to make a change in others.

I have decided to start somewhere. And I believe there should be something bigger as a base of everything I do !  Every workshop for me is a chance for me to do something for a sustainable living and though people have heard the of going green! They don’t know where to start. By looking at something simple that we use almost everyday for shower like soap is a safe and wonderful place to begin. 

During my every workshop I take it as an oppurtunity to show people ways to reduce chemical Pollution! Every workshop is my chance to make the CHANGE! A change begins with each one of us and slowly it becomes our LIFESTYLE.