Natspire Story

  1. At Natspire we are constantly inspired by nature. Mother nature has unbelievable wonders which is beyond any explanation words can give. Nature’s immense characteristics and properties will bold us over beyond imagination. We humans are not just part of nature but we are nature too.From last decade we have collectively gone so far away from Mother nature in the name of industrial &technological advances, that we have destroyed nature in every sense. In the name of luxury, we are going so far away from nature and the impact of that is pretty obvious in every part of our lifestyle today. We have created numerous new life threatening diseases due to stress, anxiety, depression & unhappiness. This has been our worst outcome of being away from nature. Our mind & body are constantly longing to be in nature. We always want to be closer to nature, but our modern lifestyle does not allow that anymore.

At Natspire, we target to create awareness to come close to nature and to get inspired from nature. My partner Paulson Thomas is a permaculterist who has been striving to promote permaculture values to the people around in every possible way. Permaculture is a concept developed by Bill mollison from Australia, now it has grown as a well know global community advocating sustainability by farming the natural way by mimicking nature.

Myself, Joyce Paulson, I am a skin Alchemist trained from Formula Botanica as an organic skincare formulator and have been actively creating and experimenting natural skin formulations. With my Indian cultural upbringing and living in Singapore for the past 20 years I have immersed myself with traditional herbs and healing medicines of Indian, Chinese & Malay cultures. It is amazing to see how much of traditional knowledge we all have in these customs. I am uniquely placed & feel so blessed to share my diversed cultural experience.I incorporate these into my lifestyle for food as well in my skin formulation passion. This has eventually prompted me to help people with my skills to solve their skin problems as well as inspiring them to live a much rejuvenated life style. With the amount of toxins in almost every commercial product we use, I feel compeled that I have a bigger duty & role to play to share my knowledge with people who I love.

What we want to achieve through Natspire ?

  1. Create natural handmade luxury genuine soaps with only safe & organic ingredients which can help anyone who uses them.
  2. Create standard cosmetic products for men and women which people can replace with their heavily dozed chemical products.
  3. Create a environment for natural cosmetics to use sustainable packaging.
  4. Create custom creams / lotions & other skin care products for unique skin conditions.
  5. Conduct workshop for people who aspire to learn to make soaps and other cosmetic products.
  6. Speaking in corporate companies, events, public seminars and create awareness about natural soaps &cosmetics, as well as educate people about the harmful effects of commercial cosmetic products
  7. Create awareness about permaculture concepts to grow edible plants at home and live sustainable lives.

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