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At Natspire we are inspired by nature and we aspire to create awareness among people on natural way of living. We take great care in producing by hand, good quality soap that is wholesome, natural and feels great on the skin.  

We make our soaps with organically grown and processed olive oil to condition your skin, a little coconut oil for lather and a little sustainable, segregated palm to keep the soap hard and long lasting.   We also make 100% Olive Oil soap, 100% Coconut Oil soap, Goatsmilk soap and new to the range is a luxurious Camel’s milk soap. We aim to make soap to suit everyone’s needs, including babies, those with dry skin conditions and the elderly.

Our soaps are handmade, in small batches. The natural glycerine which is a by-product of the soapmaking process is retained in our soaps, producing a luxurious quality product.

We also now make a laundry soap powder with the addition of washing soda (calcium carbonate) and borax.  There are no added enzymes or fillers that would normally irritate the skin if left on clothes.  Our powder is also very eco friendly.

You can purchase our handmade soap online by clicking on the products link above.   

Check out our  soap making workshops by clicking on the “Workshops” link if you are interested in learning how to make soap.  We give soap making lessons on a regular basis for those that wish to learn how to make soap for family and friends or even start a business.

Soap making supplies are also sold at Natspire.  These include all the main soapmaking oils, charcoal, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, etc.  Check out our soap making supplies under the heading “Shop” on the menu bar.


Why Buy Hot Process Soap.

The ingredients in today’ soap bars are often bewildering. Liquid soaps will list parabens, preservatives, surfactants and fragrances. Triclosan is often included. Pretty much all have been shown to be bad for your skin or your health.
These chemicals are hormone disruptors and some are even known carcinogens at high doses, but often big companies get away with it because there really isn’t anyone policing or penalizing them – most enforcement is after the fact. They also often allege that low doses are safe.
But think about it – when animal studies show reproductive diseases at high doses from products that you use ever single day, maybe it is better to be safe than sorry.
Additionally, people who suffer from skin allergies have found that switching to a natural bar is so much better for thier skin. The itchiness goes away and skin allergies improve.
If your skin is sensitive, switching to natural soap bars may alleviate your symptoms.

Natural soaps are much more environmentally friendly than what we often buy off the shelf.
Grocery store soap is made in a factory, consuming tons of energy and ingredients that extend shelf life and make it easier to ship but that are a drain on natural resources. It doesn’t stop there. Transporting the product – often across international lines – is an energy and resource intensive endeavor.
When you buy natural soap, very little or no energy is needed. Cold process soap is formed entirely through a chemical reaction and hot process soap is formed with minimal heating. Additionally, transportation and packaging are much less.

Via Pxhere
Cold process or hot process soap is beautiful and eye catching. Some of the local soap creators make eye catching bars that can’t be found anywhere else – think deep chocolate swirls and pumpkin pie bars.
When people wander into your bathroom, they’ll often be pleasantly surprised by a beautiful bar of soap that’s often a small testament to someone’s imagination.
And, no matter how tiny, why not be surrounded by beautiful things?


What customers says.


Thank you Natapire for your magic concoctions. My scalded hands healed so fast! I applied your Skin healing cream every night. I could really feel the coolness of Aloe and my skin just amazingly loved and responded. My hands are so smooth and looks brighter and clear now. Thank you Joyce.

Wendy Ng

Thank you Natspire,for these Amazing natural remedies. I really liked your Zesty Mint bar & Natural vanilla lip balm which smelled so refreshing and I think it really calms me down too.

Lili Dogarel

Loved your natural soaps! Now I know where to get them. They are so natural & good that I can almost eat them! I love the idea of sustainable living and by using your non toxic bar soaps instead of plastic bottles I am pleased to contribute in some way. Everyone will love this idea too once they start using them.

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